Our Process

Unlock Potential, Release Possibilities

For your organization’s future, how you manage change is as important as knowing what changes to make. Every journey starts somewhere. You can’t get off “Go” unless you know where that somewhere is.

At Spark Growth, we begin by identifying the business’s current state, assets, liabilities, processes and creating a clear picture of the company’s goals and desired future strategic direction. The assessment identifies what you have, what you want to achieve, and potential courses of action. Then, we deliver a Report of Findings specific to your business from this information to move you toward your desired outcomes. What we discover is often counterintuitive to your initial expectation.

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TSC Workshop

As part of our hands-on approach, we start with a Needs Assessment and Proposal conducted by experts in data analysis, market research, and related fields. We Think Bigger, looking at the geographic, social, market, and temporal context of your business or organization. And we plan ahead.

What will sustainable growth look like tomorrow? Next month? Next year? In a decade?

Process Overview

Stage One:

Assessment of Business, Organization and Market ~ Insight for Growth and Profit

We start any engagement by doing a thorough analysis of the existing business concept, goals and capability, and some market research to identify:

  • your competitive landscape
  • your unique value proposition
  • key differentiators of your business
  • how to best leverage current resources
  • a proposed growth-oriented business model
  • key recommendations to move your business forward


Creative Concepting Session ~ Roadmap for Growth

Utilizing the initial Assessment Report of Findings, we meet with your leadership team in a guided process to determine the best potential courses of action. From there, working together, we develop an Initial Roadmap for Growth that will move the client from today’s findings to tomorrow’s objectives.

This concept-development session will last around 2 hours and include team members determined to be essential leadership and key decision-makers.

Stage Two:

Implementation ~ Bringing it all together

During Stage Two, Spark Growth works with your team to realize the objectives and goals outlined in the Roadmap for Growth. This implementation stage is a consultative process that provides ongoing feedback and adjustments as you implement actions critical to your growth and profitability in the marketplace.

At Spark Growth, we Think Bigger, Keep it Simple, and Make it Happen. Our consultants are available as needed throughout making and setting up the procedures for sustainable change.


Assessment, guidance in understanding the possibilities, identifying metrics


Value definition, prioritization, identifying funding sources, risk reduction


Managing expectations, impact determination, project guidance