Advisory: Strategic Relations And Engagement

Identify | Engage | Develop | Implement

Ecosystem and Network Strategy Development, Business Model Innovation, New Market Expansion: Dual-use and Soft-landing

At Spark Growth, our clients benefit from the knowledge, experience, and relationships that, with our iterative processes, are the backbone of all we do.

Whether expanding into new markets, foreign or domestic, moving into new products or services, or taking a fresh look at your business model – all these efforts occur within the context of relationships.

We work with our clients to identify solutions, develop strategies and introduce the people and resources necessary to achieve their goals. Then we curate the conversations that move efforts forward, cultivate organizational growth and drive next-generation economic development.

During advisory sessions, we evaluate what is the same, what is different, and where progress has occurred or has not occurred. We look at your big vision and help you answer: What is my priority today? What step can I accomplish now and deliver today? What concrete action can I take that will have the most impact? What is the most sustainable and productive path to using my resources for my greater purpose? Spark Growth helps you recognize and unite simple, small, consistent steps to achieve your goals or “make it happen.”

“Ask better questions and get better answers.” Our experience in innovation consulting has taught us how easy it is to fall in love with what you believe your audience wants and needs. If what you are doing is not working, we research, assess context, and seek additional input to disprove or validate assumptions. Our progressive evaluation process facilitates adjustments with minimal resource loss.

We work with clients to identify answers for informed short- and long-term decision-making. Our consultants strive not just to help you solve current challenges but to give you the mental and physical tools and develop the infrastructure to support your continued growth beyond our collaborations and consultations and problem-solve in the future.