Make Today’s Possibilities Tomorrow’s Realities

Spark Growth works alongside our clients to identify, develop, and deliver solutions authentic to their specific challenges and opportunities. Whether iterative and strategic program development, guidance or specialized projects, how you manage change is as crucial for your organization’s future as knowing what changes to make.

What space do you occupy in your market? Do you have room to grow? Can you succeed where you are, or do you go where you can grow? Do you wonder how you will successfully navigate the challenges your organization is facing? Do you know that there are ways to implement new technologies and operations, but wonder where or how to start?

Where are You?

This question is more than just a matter of geography. Charting a course to where you want to be isn’t easy at best. However, it is nearly impossible if you don’t fully understand where you are and from where you are starting. Spark Growth’s expert consultants help you understand the current position of your organization and bring together already identified goals and growth objectives with newly recognized opportunities.

Sara with a Flipchart
Spark Growth Strategic Doing Workshop

Can you afford to bring in another consulting group that leaves you a great plan and a long to-do list that never gets done like all the others? Spark Growth’s seasoned research, business, and technology experts change the game for organizations recognizing the urgent need for transformation but don’t know where or how to start. Our team has proven success in helping clients:

  • Navigate the process from start to finish,
  • Identify and map customer needs and opportunities for innovation,
  • (Re)skill for workplace and industry success,
  • Integrate existing systems and processes with optimized technologies, and
  • Develop actionable, agile approaches that bring long-term success.

Our data-driven process utilizes assessments, strategic planning, outcome monitoring, and feedback throughout an engagement to provide opportunities for course adjustments, keeping your organization on track in a rapidly changing marketplace. Spark Growth consultants’ analytical approach to collaboration and organizational improvement has significantly impacted our client initiatives’ market standing and goal-oriented progress (see our Consulting Portfolio for examples).