Core Values

Our core values and beliefs are the compass that drives our work and lives.

At Spark Growth, our first most valuable clients are the team members we serve. We believe that people thrive in communities, including the “community” that is our immediate team.

We believe that well-defined role parameters allow individuals to take ownership of their areas of expertise. We believe that when people feel safe, respected, appreciated, and encouraged to care for their health and well-being, everyone wins – our company and our clients.

Honor, respect, and stewardship are essential attributes in our lives. We believe that you get to keep in life what you are thankful for, so while random acts of kindness sound good, we purpose to express gratitude and appreciation each day.

Mission: Unlock Potential, Release Possibilities for the Growth of People, Businesses, and Communities

Focus: Education-centric, technology-enabled, metric-driven

Vision: Wholistic Education-Driven Economic Development

At Spark Growth, we believe that people and businesses thrive in connected communities. We know that you cannot have economic development without an educated workforce and that quality education produces talent, which in turn attracts talent and capital. While “communities” are defined in many ways, for each community, we are privileged to work with:

We imagine that your community is celebrated as a great place to start and grow both a business and a family.             

We imagine education systems that establish a quality foundation for lifetime learning and develop relevant 21st-century skills. As a result, we see our students actively pursuing lifetime learning, some staying here, others returning here with what they learned while away and becoming a part of this expanding talent pool and ecosystem.

We imagine communities that respect and care for our natural resources. These communities foster quality of life across all socio-economic sectors, and inclusivity, diversity, and equity are not an afterthought.

Can you? Because we can.

We believe that asking better questions produces better answers and that structure and order provide an exceptional launching pad for creativity and innovation. We respect academic rigor, real-world experience, and integrity, and regularly dedicate time and funds to community involvement and professional development.  We are data-driven, with standards and compliance essential to producing the quality of the work we expect from ourselves and for our clients.

At Spark Growth, it is not good enough to have great answers. For our team, success means acting on what we have learned and adjusting based on the new insights for our benefit and the benefit of those we serve.

To learn more about the “community beliefs” and core values that are the foundation driving our business development work, contact us at or visit Resources to view our Core Values and Compliance Framework Statement (CVCF Statement).