Our Philosophy

Think bigger. Keep it simple. Make it happen.

What can you really do? You can change the world!

Think Bigger

Thinking bigger doesn’t mean you have to start big. You may have heard the old adage, “How do you eat an elephant?” And the answer is, “One bite at a time.” 

At Spark Growth – we start by showing up. It’s funny how much success in life comes simply by that way. If you don’t show up, you don’t get to play.

By thinking big, you reach for the higher aspirational purpose of the organization, your Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP). When your MTP is big enough, it inspires the hearts and minds of those inside and outside of your organization. Start small, build trust by doing little things, and move forward toward BIG!

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After years of working across business, technology, education, funding, community, government, arts, and non-profit sectors, the silos that many people live and work in are not constraints for us at Spark Growth. Our global context and consortium of thought leaders provide us with a unique vantage point for creative problem-solving. At Spark Growth, we Think Big, and we can show you how too.


Keep It Simple

The first step to accomplishment, no matter how large or small, is to begin. It sounds simple, yet for many, it is a genuinely profound discovery. From New Years’ resolutions to sophisticated strategic plans, many organizations have spent significant time and money, only to be laid aside again and again without getting anything done.

We look at your BIG vision and help you ask, “What’s the number one thing I can do today?” “What action can I take that will have the most impact?”

Rethink, restart, re-imagine. Always boil the problem down to its most uncomplicated factors, and work on them individually. By keeping it simple, we can accomplish meaningful change and make progress. If the path is starting to feel convoluted, complex, too hard – then it’s time to break what you’re doing down again. If it’s not simple – you’re doing something wrong. We help you get back on track when you get stuck.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. It is easy to get bogged down in the bells and whistles of thinking big. It is easy to fall in love with your idea of what you know your audience wants and needs. Instead, ask for feedback. Chunk it down and start small, ask lots of questions, learn daily and make adjustments. You make frequent adjustments to keep your project on track.

Although small steps are often undervalued, work in an agile manner, and begin by creating a Minimum Viable Product; we’ll show you how. Then build up, one small step at a time. Don’t create things that don’t add value. Get something out there.

When working toward a BIG goal, toward something that really makes a difference, it is easy to become immobilized and get stuck in everything being perfect—feeling like you must have everyone entirely on board (especially in collaborative projects). When you work with an agile strategy, you can prevent a single stakeholder from bogging down your progress.

How do we keep it simple and moving forward? By linking, aligning, and leveraging the assets of those present and asking the simple question “What Could We Do Together?”, empowering those attending to move forward and take ownership of the process and knowing what assets we have available to us and agree on what everyone will individually do and by when.

By taking small actions and readjusting based on what we’ve learned, big projects move forward “one adjusting  day after another.”

Make it Happen

We don’t take “no” for an answer. While “It is what it is. What are we going to do about it?” We are always looking for ways to collaborate, compromise, and to learn from our mistakes. We reach for the highest level of success we can attain by not just meeting expectations but by going beyond.

If what you are doing isn’t working, we ask, “What could you do instead?” With innovation as a discipline and agile strategy as a daily practice, we are not afraid to try new ideas, pivot often, learn from mistakes made, and remain persistent. Approaching challenges in this manner can be tough initially to do for yourself – we are there to show you how.

Persistence is our most powerful tool. Creative problem solving opens up new avenues. We think bigger, work to keep it simple, and implement.

Knowing your goals and objectives allows us to check-in at regular intervals to review, adjust, and recommit. From what we have learned, we regularly evaluate, “What could we do? What should we do?” to determine “What Will We Do?” 

We help you always work from a Win-Win-Win mentality and celebrate the small victories, which bring forth significant achievements over time.

With a focus on action, by following a few simple rules, consistent progress is possible.  We can show you how getting things done is not that hard. Constantly evaluating, always learning, even if only small steps forward – asking, “What can I do better?” What should we change or adjust?” Continuing to Think Bigger. Keep it Simple. Make it Happen.

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