Our Philosophy

Think bigger. Keep it simple. Make it happen.

Have you or your organization ever found yourself asking, “what can we really do? How are we making a concrete difference?”

At Spark Growth, we believe you and your organization have the capacity to enact global change.

How do you get started?

Spark Growth’s proven process and philosophy break your growth down into three steps: think big, keep it simple, and make it happen.

Think Big

Think big? If you feel your defenses rise in reaction to this phrase (“But I already do that”), then consider this one: think bigger.

Thinking bigger does not mean you have to start big, and this tenet of our philosophy does not imply that you are currently thinking “small.”

Instead, this phrase reminds you to consider the higher aspirational purpose of your organization and reach for your Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP). Reconsider your metrics and the planes on which you prioritize “bigger” thinking. Reimagine the spaces and boundaries of your organization on more than one scale—sometimes thinking bigger means going higher or deeper into the spaces you have already explored, as in our work with Skyway Acquisitions.

Your MTP can manifest in different ways and be bolstered by different paths. At Spark Growth, we start building trust through everyday actions and move forward as a strengthened team toward our larger goals.

After years of working across sectors—in business, technology, education, funding, community, government, arts, and non-profit sectors—we have learned to reimagine the constraints in which many people and organizations work and live.

Our global context, diverse experiences, and growing consortium of thought leaders provide us with a unique vantage point for creative problem-solving. 

At Spark Growth, we Think Big.

Let us show you how to think bigger.

The first step to accomplishment, no matter how large or small, is to begin. It sounds simple, yet for many, it is a genuinely profound discovery. From New Years’ resolutions to sophisticated strategic plans, many organizations have spent significant time and money, only to be laid aside again and again without getting anything done.

How can the movement to think bigger manifest into large-scale action?

Keep It Simple

The first step to accomplishment, no matter how large or small, is to begin.

Starting sounds simple, and yet starting is often a profoundly challenging act.

From personal resolutions (“an apple a day”) to sophisticated multinational corporate enterprises, goals of all levels of complexity are laid aside every second.

Most goals fail from the start because no one started. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion; objects at rest tend to stay at rest. The emotional, mental, and physical energy thresholds for taking action often prevent goal-makers—individuals, organizations, governments, and consortiums—from becoming successful.

The first step to keeping goals for growth workable and straightforward (i.e., simple) is to get started.

However, of the remaining initiatives pursued around the globe (and beyond, as in recent aeronautics), the majority fail because of an inability to sustain momentum. Individuals get bored, organizations (over)spend significant resources on early hurdles, and the cost-to-benefit ratio of success discourages or prohibits sustained action.

As the odds of success go down, increased perceived risks then exacerbate the initial cost-benefit relationship and raise the mental, physical, and emotional thresholds necessary to get started.

Getting started seems to grow progressively more complicated.  

How can we address this issue? Sustainable, step-by-step strategies are a simple, actionable investment. No matter how complex the future you want to see, we can make it happen with simple steps.

Feel the Spark

Spark Growth looks at your big vision and helps you answer: What is my priority today? What step can I accomplish now and deliver today? What concrete action can I take that will have the most impact? What is the most sustainable and productive path to using my resources for my greater purpose?

Our education and business development professionals teach you to (re)think, (re)start, and (re)imagine your pathway forward in an iterative and exponential growth process. 

We teach you to simplify by reducing a problem to its most uncomplicated factors and working on them individually to create a stackable solution. By keeping it simple, we can accomplish meaningful change and sustainable progress.

If your path is starting to feel convoluted, complex, too hard—then it is time to break the process down again. We help you get back on track.

How do we keep it simple and moving forward? By linking, aligning, and leveraging assets while asking the simple questions: What can we do together? How do we make our goals happen?

Make it Happen

Our experience in innovation consulting has taught us how easy it is to fall in love with the idea of what you believe your audience wants and needs. Responsively, with and for our clients, we assess project context and seek feedback to inform short- and long-term progress. As feedback- and metric-driven innovators, we ask questions, learn daily, and make adjustments to keep your project on track.

Small steps are often undervalued. Spark Growth helps you recognize and unite simple, small steps to achieve your goals or “make it happen.” Our consulting process serves as scaffolding as you build up toward your MTP, beginning with an agile strategy to produce a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) and moving from your MLP to your unfettered potential.

Throughout this constructive process, we are always looking for ways to collaborate, learn, and “think bigger,” reassessing our boundaries and goals. We help you reach for the highest attainable level of success by not just meeting expectations but by going beyond.

With innovation as a discipline and agile strategy as a daily practice, we are not afraid to try new ideas, pivot often, learn from mistakes made, and remain persistent. If what you are doing is not working, our progressive evaluation process allows us to adjust your path with minimal resource loss, reducing the resistance that inhibits your acceleration.

Approaching challenges in this manner can be a tough adjustment—Spark Growth’s unique value proposition helps us show you how. As you work with Spark Growth to think big, keep it simple, and make it happen, we help you develop the infrastructure to support your continued growth beyond our collaborations and consultations, enabling you to develop sustainable solutions and spark growth in your future endeavors.

Make Today’s Possibilities Tomorrow’s Reality.

Knowing your goals and objectives allows us to check-in at regular intervals to review, adjust, and recommit. From what we have learned, we regularly evaluate, what we can and should do to determine what we will do together. 

With a focus on action and Spark Growth’s provision of constructive scaffolding for your innovation and success, consistent progress is possible.  We can show you how to think bigger, keep it simple, and make it happen.

You have the capacity to enact global change.

We want to see you be the change you want to see in the world.

Take the first step, and…