Welcome to the Spark Growth portfolio! Here you’ll get a glimpse of some of our projects and cases as well as the work we’ve been doing to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have any questions about our projects, you can connect with our experts to get your questions answered and problems solved using the link below.

At Spark Growth, we connect the dots to grow people, businesses, and communities.

Thought Leadership and Community Development:

Spark Growth Leaders Exchange

Convening extraordinary global leaders and innovators, “heroes” in establishing innovation cultures to address the tough issues that are facing us all today. What are the latest trends? What questions should you be asking? Where are they investing their time and money, and why?

DaVinci’s Faire

Multi-generational sensory-rich community engagement centered around science, technology, makers, inventors and lifelong learners in an unique open-spaces format.

Ecosystem Development

Soft-landing services

Supporting business expansion into new markets, designed specifically to ensure those businesses are provided with an accelerated introduction into their new market’s business practices, regulations and culture.

Agile strategies

Lean, agile and fast, we teach people how to form collaborations quickly within in their networks, and rapidly generate innovative solutions in quick, iterative cycles. We’re certified in Strategic Doing by the Purdue Agile Strategy Lab.

Station 2 Innovation

Building community and growing entrepreneurial businesses in our hometown of Bradenton, FL and beyond with coworking, business mentoring, weekly public education sessions and much more. We’re certified in Business Incubation Management by the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA).

Global Entrepreneur / Innovation

Projects concerning entrepreneur ecosystem and Innovation as a Service around the world from the Middle East, to Africa, to Latin America.

Smart Cities & Innovation Districts:

Smart Cities Innovation Accelerators

A series of Accelerator programs connecting leading Smart Cities as part of an initiative of the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH). Our Accelerators are intensive, 3-day collaborative learning workshop sessions. Smart Cities Innovation Accelerators bring together C-level decision-makers from top Smart Cities, industry partners, and communities of industry influencers to work together to solve common problems.


At the UN for the launch of Women's Entrepreneurship Day, and the US State Department for Friends of Global Entrepreneurship. The Future Ready Economies Summit in NYC and Digital Life in Latin America in Miami. International business networking and impact investment. Spark Growth operates at the boundaries of sectors, organizations, nations, and people. We’re always looking to connect, collaborate, and foster cutting-edge approaches to Core Team Development, Business Model Innovation, and Brand & Thought Leadership.

Innovation Districts

The development of creative, collaborative places to live, work and play. Innovation Districts are about creating local, self-contained economic development centers within larger metropolitan areas. We partner to define data-driven strategies and to make and leverage connections between cities, corporate innovators, and learning institutions.

Smart Cities

Building integrated technical systems to monitor and manage city-wide infrastructure. Providing a more pleasant and efficient place for citizens, utilizing citizen input. Make voices heard. We plan and execute Smart Cities events and projects. We also offer Smart Cities consulting on both a domestic and an international scale.