Smart Cities Work

Smart Cities Initiatives offer community-wide, sustainable change responsive to the needs, resources, and technology of the community. We work to make this possible.

A Smart City (or community) uses Information and Control Technology (ICT) to improve the efficiency of government and civic services to better meet residents’ needs. Smart Cities are about more than just sensors, data and analytics – the goal is to enhance how citizens live and work, and to enable sustainability of the place. It is a city that knows about itself and engages its populace in creating a better quality of life.

What kinds of problems might you be trying to solve in your city? Typical examples include the following:

Smart Cities - Concepts

A smart cities initiative is very broad in purpose, with the end goal of improving the place. How that is done is unique to each place and each project. At Spark Growth, we have the skills and resources to provide thought leadership as we help you to navigate the complexity of your situation and focus on meeting big goals with high impact without getting lost in the details.

With the wide breadth of possibilities in your Smart Cities project – where do you even begin? Any project will begin with an assessment – where are you today, and what are your goals? Most cities find that there are already a number of projects underway that support their goals – what’s needed is experienced guidance and coordination during the planning and implementation process to that all the parts fit together and work optimally.

We work with your team through the major phases of your Strategic Analysis:


assessment, guidance in understanding the possibilities, identifying metrics


value definition, prioritization, identifying funding sources, risk reduction


managing expectations, project guidance, impact determination

Ultimately, your success should be measured by maximizing benefits, reducing costs, and by the sustainability of your efforts in terms of economic, environmental, and social impacts. The bottom line is that Smart Cities work – does yours?

Smart Cities projects are about a journey, not a destination. Let us know when you’re ready to get started.