Smart Cities Accelerators


Spark Growth co-produced Smart Cities Innovation Accelerators and corresponding events with The Innovator’s Forum.  The Innovator’s Forum (TIF) is a virtual and real collaboration of senior executives from the public and private sectors to discuss emerging ideas and challenges in innovation and entrepreneurship founded by Dr. David S Ricketts, Innovation Fellow, Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH)

Workshops are supported by expert industry partners, helping city decision makers by offering a broader perspective of successful strategies, and in turn learning firsthand the many issues cities face, and how they can better serve the needs of their city customers. As an Innovation firm and co-producer with The Innovator’s Forum, Spark Growth provides experience design and facilitates the process of learning to think differently that provides unprecedented opportunities for city decision makers to learn from and co-design the next generation of smart cities solutions with the world’s leading smart cities innovators, researchers and select industry partners and startups.

The Accelerator Series offers a unique value proposition for city leaders and industry partners. Unlike conference events,
these invitation-only opportunities bring together top city decision makers and senior level industry partners for real conversations and hands on innovation sessions. City leaders develop strong alliances with their peers,  share best practices and challenges enabling them collectively to make more informed decisions, create project scalability and improve their ROI.  

Smart City (or community) uses Information and Control Technology (ICT) to improve the efficiency of government and civic services to better meet residents’ needs. Smart Cities are about more than just sensors, data and analytics – the goal is to enhance how citizens live and work, and to enable sustainability of the place. It is a city that knows about itself and engages its populace in creating a better quality of life. Asking the important question, “How do we better serve our citizens?” By focusing on quality of life and work, smart communities harness technology with answers as unique as each city.