Our process

Think bigger, keep it simple, make it happen.

At Spark Growth, we Think Bigger, Keep it Simple, and Make it Happen. Our consultants are available as needed throughout the process of making and setting up the processes for sustainable change.

Therefore, at Spark Growth, we start by showing up. It sounds simple but is something we take very seriously and hold as key to our success and that of our clients.

At Spark Growth, we always show up and make ourselves available – mentally and physically – when approaching a problem.

Two individual in a business meeting in an office
A woman while being in an interviewed in an office

As part of our hands-on approach, we start with a Needs Assessment and Proposal conducted by experts in data analysis, market research, and related fields. We Think Bigger, looking at the geographic, social, market, and temporal context of your business or organization. And we plan ahead.

What will sustainable growth look like tomorrow? Next month? Next year? In a decade?

Our process

To get started, we begin with an assessment to identify where you are now, and to understand where you want to go. Then working together with your team, develop a plan to help you get from here to there. The assessment identifies what you have, what you want to achieve and potential courses of action. From this information we deliver a Report of Findings specific to your business to move you toward your desired outcomes.


Assessment, guidance in understanding the possibilities, identifying metrics


Value definition, prioritization, identifying funding sources, risk reduction


Managing expectations, impact determination, project guidance

Utilizing your defined objectives, Spark Growth is there to work alongside your team in developing your Roadmap for Growth moving your business from today’s findings to tomorrow’s results.

Our Consultants strive not just to solve your problems, but also to give you the mental and physical tools you need to problem-solve in the future.