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Gray picture of busy business people outside a building

Revealing the Forces For Change

July  26, 2019

The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things around the world in 2020. In particular for education, the crisis has created a pattern interrupt – one of those…

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The journey to agile: How companies can be faster

July  20, 2019

Never has the ability to respond quickly and effectively been more important in business. In our Spark Growth Agile work with companies, there are key differentiators…

A restaurant inside a mall with tables with chairs outside

Peak Florida Hurricane Season Is Here

July  15, 2019

Are your severe weather preparations complete and up to date? Every business should have a continuity plan in place. Need help? Peak Florida Hurricane Season Is…

Person using a phone on a scanning device

Council Post: How We Are Living The Future

July  26, 2019

The Future is Here…change challenges us as individuals, businesses and societies to adapt and grow. One view of pandemic workplace outcomes…

Person using a laptop and mobile phone

Is Working From Home The Future Of Work?

July  20, 2019

Work for Home and the Future of Work – Here are a variety of articles from both sides of the fence. Didn’t know there was a fence of the future of post-COVID work…

Picture of cars on a street waiting for traffic to move

How Bad Might the Post-Pandemic Carpocalypse Be?

July  15, 2019

To a nail everything looks like a hammer. Another great reason that #smartsolutions for cities of the future (the very near future) will need to be developed from…