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Today’s decisions create tomorrow’s future.

“If you want better answers, ask better questions.” – Sara Hand, Founder and CEO

Spark Growth was founded on the principle that it’s easy to question why we are where we are, what’s happening in the market now, and where we go from here. More difficult (and more productive) questions require greater introspection, intervention, and guidance:

How do we leverage our relationships to grow our marketplace impact in a sustainable way? Who is our audience? Is our audience changing? And who or what platform best reaches them?

As a Spark Growth client, that guidance is available to you around the clock as part of our thorough and holistic data-driven approach to growing your business and community.


Connecting the Dots:

Since its foundation in 2013, innovation consulting firm Spark Growth has taken on projects across cultures, time zones, industry clusters, and business sectors. We offer measurable results by helping you and your interests to reach out to the right people at the right time and strategically develop your relationships and business models.

We leverage expertise in technology, counseling, and business and community development across the innovation value chain from idea stage to exit.

Spark Growth works alongside our clients to identify possibilities for sustainable growth and to develop authentic solutions specific to each client’s needs.

To explore our projects and partnerships and hear some feedback from our clients, check out Spark Growth Services. To receive an initial evaluation and estimate from one of our consultants, reach out to

Knowing that you need to make changes and bringing those changes to fruition are very different things.

For the future of your organization, how you manage change is just as important as knowing what changes to make. At Spark Growth, we change the way people think while enabling inspiring them to act and spark growth in their businesses and mindsets.

With Spark Growth results matter!

We design and orchestrate experiences, creating environments ripe for innovation. Change the way people think. Get different results!