Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is not a role or a position you can hold or simply take on through a webinar or weekend retreat, it is who you are. Want to learn more or join a community of Thought Leaders?

Spark Growth defines Thought Leadership as leadership driven by insight gained through a body of work done by an individual or team over time and connected to passion and purpose.

In a post-pandemic world wherein thought leadership is often parlayed as a brand position or a content-marketing curation policy, we believe that understanding and implementing true leadership has never been more necessary. Thought leadership is not a role or a position you can hold, nor is it simply taken on through a webinar or weekend retreat. It is an identity and course of action.

Components: New renaissance, navigating change, agile strategy, collaboration, innovation, global context, new models

We believe that, in a rapidly-changing and information-rich world, insight is invaluable, and context is critical. As a result, Spark Growth brings together a collection of global thought leaders each year to explore new ideas together and find opportunities to collaborate on interesting challenges. We work on a variety of Economic Development projects, employing a toolset of Agile Strategies to help grow people, businesses, and communities.

See our Portfolio to learn more about our 3.0 Thought Leaders Conferences and Workshops and how you can become a part of the international network of Thought Leaders enacting social change by changing the way the world thinks, approaches problems, and makes things happen.

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