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Today’s decisions create tomorrow’s future.

“If you want better answers, ask better questions.” At Spark Growth our diverse expertise gives us a unique perspective delivering different results.

As an innovation consulting firm, Spark Growth projects take shape across cultures, time zones, industry clusters and business sectors, leveraging expertise across the innovation value chain from idea stage to exit. Spark Growth works alongside our clients to identify potential and possibilities for growth and to develop authentic solutions specific to each client’s needs.

Knowing that you need to make changes and bringing those changes to fruition are very different things. For the future of your organization, how you manage change is as important as knowing what changes to make. At Spark Growth, we design experiences and create environments ripe for innovation, the development of community, and that change the way people think while inspiring them to act upon their new learnings. With Spark Growth, results matter!

We design and orchestrate experiences, that create environments ripe for innovation. Change the way people think. Get different results!