Spark Growth

Connecting the dots – from everyday workflows to collaboration in multi-organizational initiatives, Spark Growth brings an agile and action-centric protocol to the development and implementation of strategies for individuals and organizations to leverage their resources for greater impacts and returns. Think Big. Keep it Simple. Make it Happen.

Think Big

Keep it Simple

Make it Happen

If everything is important – where does the money go?
In the new world that now seems to change every day, it goes to where the best ROI is found and where sustainability matters. Although planning is important, we focus on moving past planning into implementation.

  • Time Planning 80%
  • Time Meeting 60%
  • Time Doing 15%
  • More Time Planning and Meeting 90%
  • Satisfaction with Current Process 5%

Sound Familiar?

How many times have you seen significant time & money spent on “The Vision”, “The Mission”, “The Strategic Plan” – only to have that expensive work put on the shelf and never implemented? Are you tired of conflict and lots of talk with little to show in actual results? As a “getting it done” person working with multiple organizations, although some projects go well, many are frustrating as they get bogged – really bogged down in meeting after meeting. Do you ever feel like money is thrown at problems, but there are seldom measurable results and little in direct impact realized?

Want More Results?

As Chief Do’ers in developing and implementing large scale, cross-community projects, we operate from an objective viewpoint, without typical geographical or political constraints apply powerful tools to solve difficult problems, with a common-sense focus on getting things done. We measure success by community engagement and the potential for long term social capital rewards and economic impacts. In practical terms, we engage in projects that do the most good in the community.

Highly experienced as organizational development leaders and working within open networks – asking what could we do together, what should we do, and what will we do as a community. We are agile and collaborative, quickly leverage connections and have a focus on outcomes and sustaining results. And then driving those commitments to action through collaboration and sharing of assets within the community.

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