Identify Potential and Possibilities!

 Spark Growth


Think Big. Keep it Simple. Make it Happen.


Every journey starts somewhere. You can’t get off “Go” unless you know where that somewhere is. Let us help you identify assets and liabilities to chart a course for business growth. Move your business from where you are now to where you want to be.

Creative Solutions

Do you want to fully identify your potential and possibilities? Are you looking to unlock creative solutions to increase profit and performance for your business growth? What could you do? What should you do? What will you do? When?

Make it Happen

An established process utilizing your defined objectives and a few simple rules will help you realize the focused business results you have been looking for because your business deserves more than just another great plan.

Wondering how you will successfully navigate the challenges your business faces? Where and how do you start?

Why Clients Choose Spark Growth

Knowing that you need to make changes and bringing those changes to fruition are very different things. For the future of your organization, how you manage change is as important as knowing what changes to make. At Spark Growth, we work with you to design experiences and create environments ripe for innovation, the development of community, and that change the way people think while inspiring them to act upon their new learnings.

As an innovation consulting firm, Spark Growth projects take shape across cultures, time zones, industry clusters and business sectors, leveraging expertise across the innovation value chain from ideation to exit. Spark Growth works alongside our clients to identify potential and possibilities for growth and to develop authentic solutions specific to each client’s needs.

Can you afford to bring in another consulting group who leaves you a great to-do list, which like all the others never gets done? Your organization deserves more than just another great plan. With Spark Growth, results matter!

Thought Leadership

In an information-rich world, context is critical, and insight is invaluable. Convening like-minded leaders across sectors to connect, share best practices and work together to change the world.

Smart Cities/Innovation Districts

Asking the important question, “How do we better serve our citizens?” By focusing on quality of life and work, smart communities harness technology with answers as unique as each city.

Business & Economic Entrepreneur Development

Identifying opportunities for growth, and fostering wealth creation by connecting people, ideas and capital to create value in the marketplace.

Community Engagement

Where community members are treated as more than sources of input by becoming part of solution generation and delivery.

“I do not seek answers, but rather to understand the question.”   

Caine (David Carradine)