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In our increasingly global and entrepreneurial world, across sectors we are more connected than ever. Around the world societies empowered by technology are leap frogging ahead and becoming areas of investment in contrast to assistance. Cities are discovering how public/private partnerships accelerate innovation and growth and how impact investing is changing the landscape of investment. Smart is crucial and time is at a premium as powerful new ideas include building Smart Cities and defining how Smart Growth is unique to the place. Innovation Districts are about people, places and cultures – creating the environment and atmosphere of collaboration that empowers citizens to live, work and play as they choose.

We are in a time of unprecedented change, with major new challenges facing us every day. As leaders, thinkers and problem solvers, even the unspoken rules of business and innovation we once used no longer apply. In this information-rich world, context is critical and insight is invaluable.

For the future of your organization, how you manage change is as important as knowing what changes to make.

Spark Growth brings multi-sector expertise and a global context to projects assembling customized teams, who working in an agile and iterative cycle help your organization determine the best course of action with the highest impact and ROI, then guide implementation.

Facing this new renaissance presents us all with challenges and opportunities that in many ways level the playing field. From food innovation to smart cities to new models of public-private partnership and emerging impact investing concepts, cities are discovering how partnerships accelerate innovation and growth.

Think Big. Keep it Simple. Make it Happen.

When working with Spark Growth, we together look at all the possibilities of any given situation, identify assets, build collaborations, access ideas and resources that our broad community of thought leaders provide, because today’s decisions create tomorrow’s future.

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”  

Wayne Gretzy, Hockey Legend