Scouting Services

An Open Innovation Process that Creates Value: Identify | Channel | Acquire

What is Scouting?

Scouting is a means for leveraging your finite resources. We understand the value of concrete and human resources, including your time, energy, and attention. At Spark Growth, we provide scouting services to pave the way for your success by marking your pathways forward. We prioritize you and your organization.


Through scouting, we determine your unmet needs and find feasible potential solutions that optimize your resources. Scouting works globally to identify appropriate:

  • Existing product matches
  • Emerging technologies
  • Collaborations and partnerships
  • Acquisition targets
Scouting Guidepost

What is our process?

We use proven methods in Open Innovation, a highly agile method of applying data and insight throughout an expert assessment and evaluation process.

This method involves:

  • Discovery – Our expert assessment identifies needs, assets, and liabilities.
  • Search and Identify (SI) – Our thorough needs-matching and tradeoffs report accompanies a complete buy-versus-build analysis and co-creation of solutions proposal.
  • Experimentation and Value Identification – Through intensive research, we determine what works for you and how “what works” adds value to that which you can sustainably produce with your available resources.
  • Feasibility – We evaluate where the components of your success fit together, understanding “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” We take a holistic view of your resources, network, and values.
  • Action Planning – As agile experts with extensive experience across industries and sectors, we have proven uniquely qualified to identify critical metrics and steps to success. Additional services include guiding you through the rest of the process, that is the Implementation.
  • Implementation – We support the implementation of your newly-developed, data-and-assessment-driven strategic action plan. We focus on concrete deliverables, optimized performance, responsive development, and sustainable goals for continued growth. We scout your pathway to more than just conventional success, bearing in mind what success means for you and in your specific context.

What do you need? And why do you need our scouting services?

There are many challenges facing internal innovation efforts and processes.

Do you have concerns about resource management and how to best augment internal skills and expertise? Are you confronted by major decisions requiring objective evaluations of product-market fit?  Can you feel your attention yanked from other important activities as buy-versus-build decisions pull your attention from your immediate tasks and needs?

Or are you reading through our scouting services page, your attention wandering, your eyes darting from line to line, unsure of whether any of this applies to you but knowing you need something to change?

That’s what we are here for. Let our scouting services blaze the trail, accelerate your learning, and drive the velocity of necessary, adaptive, and constructive change.