Station 2 Innovation

Building Entrepreneur Capacity within our Community

Station 2’s mission is community and capacity building involving technology, business, and funding, and to strengthen regional collaboration for increased ROI across education and economic development sectors.


The Station 2 Innovation Center is a flexible, community-oriented space offering a variety of co-working areas, a business incubation process for startups, and soft-landing programs for companies expanding into our area. Among the goals of Station 2 Innovation are creating sustainable, high-wage jobs that will stay in the local area, fostering the entrepreneurial climate in the community, and to be a catalyst for creating and attracting new businesses to the region.

The Center is designed to be a collaborative place to learn, work, and grow – a place where students connect with business, and where entrepreneurs can start companies and learn what they need to succeed. Incubator clients will have access to strategic planning, capital strategies, legal advice, financial advice and services, marketing and sales advice, human resources issues and technology resources. The Center will also hold public seminars and workshops conducted by experts on various topics – join our Entrepreneurs & Startups group at for event notifications:

Grow Your Business


Capacity building and sustainability through collaboration


Business Incubation

High growth company targets through education & mentoring


Soft Landing

Expansion of business via sectors, destination and place


Co-working involves a shared working environment among professionals who are typically independents, virtual workers, and/or entrepreneurs. Although co-working spaces can be very different in style, what unites them is a culture

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of collaboration, community, openness and productivity. As today’s technology allows businesses the opportunity to scale services up or down quickly based on needs, co-working spaces allow businesses to scale space and service needs. We are about creating better places to work and as a result, a better way to work. For early stage ventures looking to optimize cash flow and minimize expenses, co-working can offer incredible benefits. For virtual workers who need a place to have meetings, want to be in a creative and collaborative work environment outside your home-alone office, or just need a quiet place to escape to focus, co-working may be your answer. Station 2 Innovation offers co-working memberships starting at $150 a month. This is drop-in open work space during standard office hours. Wi-Fi, like-minded people, print and office center, access to meeting space and coffee are included. Upgrades include additional meeting space hours, after-hours access, mail and package delivery, dedicated workstations and additional print services. Memberships and scheduling services are handled through an online platform.

The Incubator program exists to bring together education, mentoring and access to capital resources for companies with the purpose of facilitating accelerated growth and building sustainability.

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The program is typically 2-3 years in duration, depending on the industry segment and has an associated program cost. Preferred industry sectors match the EDC’s identified regional focus areas, and the program space initially supports incubation clients in co-working areas, dedicated workstations and offices. Potential client companies go through an application process and preliminary evaluation for program suitability. Some factors considered are company’s ability to support operations, industry sector and revenue model, growth potential, coach-ability of founders and willingness to participate in the community culture. Program fees are determined by current size of company and work space needs and start at $500 a month.

Every day, companies look to expand their business into new markets. A Soft Landing Program is a platform of services that helps international businesses, as well as domestic companies headquartered outside of our region, enter the vibrant Tampa Bay business ecosystem.

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Eligibility: Headquartered outside our region Provide valid paperwork needed to conduct business in the United States Must be a for-profit business Pay the monthly incubator program and facility membership for the intended time of stay Demonstrate positive economic impact in the community through: a technology, product or service deemed to have high growth potential in the marketplace and the creation of new high-paying jobs in the local area. Soft Landing programs partner with a broad range of organizations, as well as program and service partners: •Trade organizations •Universities: International campuses, partnerships •Sister Cities” •Other incubators •Advocacy organizations •State and federal trade organizations •Commercial organizations •Chambers of Commerce •Diaspora organizations Logistics/shipping, Customs brokers, EMC/ETC, Accounting, Legal and Banking Roster of services is similar across locations: •Translation services •Language training •Market research and entry assistance •Access to capital and funders •Regulatory assistance •Help with import and export laws •Patent assistance •Business structure •Advice on business operations •Business license •Driver’s license •Cultural training •Immigration and visa support •Housing assistance

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