Strategic Marketing Arts, Inc., SMARTS, serves client companies in the creative arts of marketing, multimedia communications, advertising, and learning solutions. Through talented strategic thinkers, writers, designers, videographers, animators, media buyers, and web-savvy techs, SMARTS delivers creative solutions that drive brand affinity and business success.

Our work emphasizes the use of video as a powerful means of capturing and keeping attention, educating while entertaining, and effectively reaching people through the creation of rich and stimulating content. We collaborate with clients producing simple enhancements to existing media, to the development and management of comprehensive programs for converging brand development and promotion across broadcast, website, and social media networks.

Communications used to persuade an audience to take action with respect to your brand, products, services, or ideas; the basics of advertising.  Traditional media like broadcast television, cable television, broadcast radio, movie theatres, outdoor signage, and print are staples for viewing an advertising message, and now channels are spread out even more by websites, tablets, smart phones, social media, and text messages.  SMARTS helps client companies develop effective strategies and plans for getting the brand, message, and call to action in front of the right people across media.

We will help you optimize your marketing communications through both traditional and digital media advertising channels. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) including organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) programs, can build, reinforce, and integrate messaging, reaching more customers and converting more business.

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