What Do We Do?


Simply put, at Spark Growth we are consultants. We bring a fresh perspective to whatever challenge or opportunity you are facing and working together what we discover are far better answers. Whether you are focused on innovation or growth; our specialty is in identifying your specific strategic needs, helping you to see things that you cannot see and connecting you with the resources needed to successfully implement your project. Our experience provides unique insight and perspective without traditional constraints, and we draw on our global connections to build a team of talented resources picked specifically for your project needs and goals.

We use a variety of creative tools and agile techniques to “smartcut” change and to help you effectively implement complex initiatives. We manage as little or as much of the project as necessary to help you get started and move your business forward. We can simply provide guidance, or we will jump in and work hands-on alongside your team for implementation, based on your specific needs.



Business, Organizational, Community

Development and Innovation

Thought Leadership

Speakers, Facilitators, Trainers

Program Design

Toward Smarter Communities

Whole-istic and Smart Communites

Readiness and Learning Lab