Funding Continuum and Landscape

Funding Panel

Funding for businesses and non-profits can be complex. Connecting the dots and making sense of the dizzying landscape of raising money for your worthy cause or you entrepreneurial endeavor doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge if you partner with the right advisors. Spark Growth has the experience and connections to help you reach your funding goals.

Startups need money during all stages of their growth…from early-stage where friends and families usually provide the seed funding or mid-stage where one is looking at investment funds, crowdfunding, clubs, and family offices to fulfill the growing appetite through series funding.

Charitable organizations need to follow specific rules and may include peer-to-peer philanthropy technologies, (fundraising strategies that involve recruiting supporters to fundraise on their behalf, a variation on crowdfunding) to help achieve their missions.

Whether it’s that initial first funding that starts your business or later rounds of capital you raise, what should you know?

Sara Hand recently led an interactive session, the Funding Continuum and Landscape, with notable experts in the funding arena. They included Peter Nealis, from Taft Law, Rich Heruska, Accelerator Director Tampa Bay Wave, Dave Chitester, Founder of Florida Funders & SeedFunders, and Kevin Burgoyne, President and CEO Florida Venture Forum. The panel was conducted at the USF Sarasota-Manatee campus with the help of their chief innovation officer, Dr. Greg Smogard. Click here to see the panelist profiles.

This panel shared insights on what entrepreneurs and others should know when it comes to funding. Specifically, we looked at organizations and sources of capital available in Florida and across the TiE global universe. TiE is a believer in ESG and lessons from the panel, moderated by Sara of Spark Growth (And TiE Tampa Bay Conference Program Chair), are applicable for those seeking funds for ESG, charitable, and business projects.

If you missed the panel but are still seeking funds and expertise for ESG, charitable, and entrepreneurial projects, please send us an email so we can get started in helping you achieve your goals.