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Collaborative, Objective, Agile and Proven

Businesses and communities know that “smart” is crucial and time is at a premium in a global and competitive market. Successfully navigating the minefield of change for business growth is intrinsically challenging by its very nature. Knowing that you need to make changes and bringing those to fruition are two very different things.

Spark Growth is a consulting firm committed to unlocking potential and releasing possibilities in strategic and sustained change for our clients. Innovation is a data-driven discipline team members practice daily in problem-solving. Founded in 2013 to span traditional organizational boundaries, Spark Growth has developed experiences, partnerships, and dealings across five continents. Today, we provide consulting, training, and development services transforming businesses, impacting communities, and have reached over 22,000 satisfied clients with our experience-designed events.

With Spark Growth, results matter. Can you afford to bring in another consulting group that leaves you a great to-do list, which like all the others, never gets done? Your organization deserves more than just another grand plan. With over 200 key partners across our global ecosystem, our core team works to bring connections, resources, and solutions to help you solve your most challenging problems and are available to guide implementation to ensure your success. 

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Think Bigger. Keep it Simple. Make it Happen.

Spark Growth, led by founder and CEO Sara Hand, brings exceptional talent to each client opportunity. Our core team members bring unique backgrounds and experiences across multiple sectors, diverse viewpoints, and capabilities while united in purpose and vision.

At Spark Growth, it is not good enough to have great answers. For our team, success means taking action on what we have learned and continually adjusting based on the new insights to benefit those we serve.

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At Spark Growth, we start by showing up. It sounds simple but is something we take very seriously. It has taken us around the world, launched incredible opportunities and projects, and is a key to our success and that of our clients.

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