In a world that has become more connected than ever before, where regular networktransformational change is the norm and not the exception, and as individuals and organizations are bombarded with information – how do we navigate these new realities? How do we successfully integrate and best utilize the value propositions of the incredibly diverse workforce of boomers through digital natives?

How do we prepare today’s students to move into this rapidly changing future and how do we manage to traverse this course ourselves? How do we bring the best of research and design together to innovate and capture market share? How do we evolve culturally from the “old rules” that worked in yesterday’s world to discovering and implementing the new rules for today?

Looking for insight and potential solutions to these questions and more? Looking for ways to make a difference in your company and community? Are you ready for a changing future?

What our communities need for their future are leaders who are not afraid to collaborate for the overall good of our communities. 3.0 Leaders share responsibility and insight across public, private, civic and community networks for leveraged results for stakeholders and shareholders alike.

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