Tracy Ingram ~ CEO of Intention Technology, Xprize Participant Team Leader

“Imagine owning a portable, wireless device that can diagnose your health condition in just minutes and then help you monitor treatment and recovery over the long term — all without a doctor anytime, anywhere.

This is the goal of the $10 million global Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition.

A project aiming to empower people to make their own healthcare choices — for a faster, safer industry — the outcome of XPRIZE will literally put healthcare in the palms of consumers, inspiring a future where anyone can manage their health independent of a hospital or doctor’s office.

And a local Tampa Bay area group, led by Tampa resident Tracy Ingram, believes they can develop this product — one that will ultimately catapult healthcare in the right direction and transform the industry, turning the art of medicine into a science.”

Tampa Team Competes For $10M Global XPRIZE by Alexis Quinn Chamberlain | Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tracy Ingram 2014 RLC Thoughts from Jim Aardema on Vimeo.

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