Introducing Strategic Doing… a Collaborative Playbook Tested by Fire

In the open networks of our civic spaces, there are no hierarchies. Yet, we still need to do strategic thinking. And now, more than ever, we need to act strategically. So, how do we focus our limited resources where they are likely to have the largest positive impacts? Strategic Doing, by applying a few simple rules and focusing on key questions, empowers people to work together to develop and implement creative solutions to the complex challenges communities face.

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Monday, August 4th from 3pm-6pm at Tampa Bay WaVE

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Strategic Doing

Strategic Doing, by applying a few simple rules and focusing on key questions, empowers people to work together to develop and implement creative solutions to the complex challenges communities face.

This Introductory session is targeted at community thought leaders in business, technology, investment, university and entrepreneur roles. As a community leader, are you tired of constant conflict and lots of talk with little to show in actual results? We are “getting it done” people, but in working with multiple organizations, sometimes projects go well and sometimes they get bogged down…really bogged down.   The health and resiliency of a community can be measured by the collaborations that exist and how they operate in the civic space. Strategic Doing provides context and guidelines for getting things done across the open, connected networks that characterize today’s world. With Strategic Doing, there is no final strategic plan. Instead, plans look more like strategic agendas. As new insights are gained from what has been learned and new opportunities arise, plans can be quickly revised and adjusted as necessary. It helps everyone get on the same page with a focus on results and not on the planning to achieve results. Representing Purdue University’s Center for Regional Development, Spark Growth is Strategic Doingbringing the practice of Strategic Doing to Florida as a toolset for collaborative decision making and rapidly executing strategic actions. This introduction of Strategic Doing at Tampa Bay WaVE is part of the initial phase of seeding into the community leaders in our region an easy-to-implement protocol to increase results from investments of our community’s time, money and talent. What are people saying about this workshop?


Crista Shaw Strategic Doing Testimonial

“Hi, my name is Crista Shaw and I wanna thank Sara and Stan for having this wonderful conference today about strategic doing. It’s a tool that you can use in your community to bring together partnerships and actual realization of some other goals that you might have for your community in a structure that’s manageable. And it’s passionate, and it’s fun and allows you to get you where you need to go in a really positive manner so it’s just been my pleasure. I work in Pinellas County with veterans transitioning into college or employment and to me this is a a resource that will really help our community. So thanks to Stan and Sara and MTI for having us here at the S-Conference today.”


Linda Seefeldt Strategic Doing Testimonial

“Hello, I’m Linda Seefeldt CEO and Growth Facilitator of Aim Above. I am delighted to be part of the Strategic Doing that we have done here in Manatee and Sarasota County. We have been part of actually putting together some actions to take our whole region forward and I’m delighted with the energy, the talent, and the people that are here to actually step in and be proactive to move us forward. So for me today I was able to actually learn about what Strategic Doing is and how I might apply it to my business and to my clients. Thank you.”



We would like to thank TriNet our afternoon refreshments sponsor. Helping growing companies do what they do best, TriNet brings an all-in-one solution to human resources that includes strategic human capital services. You can see why “Strategic Doing” with community leaders is a priority for their company. WaVE PCRD SG image