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2014 Leadership Conference on April 10-11 in Bradenton, FL

As an outgrowth of our second annual Leadership Conference, we are planning four follow-up Strategic Doing workshops over 3 days in June.  We are collaborating with the Purdue Center for Regional Development to provide these workshops to civic and community leaders in the High Tech Corridor (the HTC, i.e. the Tampa Bay and Central Florida super-region).

The workshop topics were determined by the conference participants during interactive exercises. Attached is a word cloud made up of topics and actions defined by the same participants - representing the most important ideas and priorities in their minds.
Wednesday, June 25 Workshop 1: Strategic Doing: The Game As we learned at the Leadership Conference, Strategic Doing provides an agile and lean process for building collaborations rapidly and moving them toward measurable outcomes. Participants in this workshop will learn the language and fundamentals of Strategic Doing by participating in a simulation game. In the course of three hours, participants will see how sophisticated, practical strategies emerge quickly by following some simple rules. They will learn the key frameworks and practices for designing and managing collaborations in open, loosely connected networks.
We will be applying the lessons from Strategic Doing: The Game in two additional workshops that focus on especially promising areas for civic and community collaboration in the HTC region.
Wednesday, June 25 Workshop 2:  Learning Innovation As Jeff Borden made clear in his keynote presentation at the Leadership Conference, we need to shift our focus to the learner and how we can accelerate the design of powerful learning experiences for people of all ages. We also learned from a number of speakers — John Gamba, Kathryn Starkey, Melodie Hillier, Howard Rutherford, Jamie Humphrey, Bevan Rogel and Mireya Eavey -- some exciting initiatives currently underway within the region. These initiatives are creating a new foundation for learning innovation in the HTC. Also, UCF was mentioned several times in Dr. Borden's keynote as a center of thought leadership in education. This Strategic Doing workshop will focus on the key question: Imagine the HTC has developed a global reputation for learning innovation. What would that look like?
Friday, June 27 Workshop 3:  Angel Investor Acceleration As we learned, Florida has no shortage of qualified investors willing to support start-ups. Our challenge involves connecting investors who are unaware of current Florida angel investor communities to strengthen existing networks, increase the quality and quantity of deal flow, and to facilitate due diligence for increased productivity and ROI of the early stage investments sector.  This Strategic Doing workshop will focus on the key question: Imagine if the HTC had one of the most organized networks of angel investors in the world to support and accelerate start-ups. What would that look like?
Your Next Steps... If you would like to be part of the planning team for these workshops and part of the group moving these initiatives forward,  please send Questions & replies to:
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