Soft Landing – Business Expansion ServicesSoft Landings

Spark Growth defines:

Soft Landing services support business expansion into new markets, helping both international businesses and domestic companies headquartered outside the region, to quickly and effectively enter the local business ecosystem. Typically operating within a worldwide network of facilities with programs, soft landings are designed specifically to ensure that businesses expanding into a new market are provided with an accelerated introduction into that market’s business practices, regulations and culture.

The intake process for a company expanding into new area is designed to get the company working in the new market as easily and painlessly as possible, while their business grows and their best permanent location is identified. Soft landing enables the company to focus on their business – what they do best, with help navigating the things they don’t know how to do without upsetting their business flow. The immediate point is to help the business make contacts and find services quickly and efficiently while providing access to the resources necessary to meet their business goals.

This fee-based process begins with an assessment to determine assets, liabilities, and to identify their unique needs. Much of the assessment can usually be performed before they arrive in their new location. Depending on their particular needs, temporary operating space is provided, and the incoming companies are paired with a specialized resources team designed to assist them with their specific requirements.

Eligible companies are: headquartered outside the local region, must provide valid paperwork needed to conduct business in the United States, must be a for-profit business, and can pay the monthly program and facility membership for intended time of stay. To achieve the most impact, these candidates should also demonstrate the ability to have a positive economic impact in the community through a technology, product or service deemed to have high growth potential in the marketplace and the creation of new high-paying jobs in their target area.

Examples of services typically provided by through a soft landing program include:

  • Language and translation services
  • Domestic market research and entry assistance
  • Intellectual property and patent assistance
  • Help meeting government regulations and import/export laws
  • Access to capital and potential investors
  • Immigration, visa, drivers and business license assistance
  • Cultural training
  • Housing Assistance

Spark Growth in a member of the International Business Innovation Association, and models its offering after the InBIA Soft Landings program.