Connecting the dots to Spark Growth:

We grow people, businesses and communities.

Why Clients Choose Spark Growth

At Spark Growth, results matter. Can you afford to bring in another consulting group who leaves you a great to-do list, which like all the others never gets done? Your organization deserves more than just another great plan. We bring connections, resources and solutions to help you solve your toughest problems, then we guide implementation to ensure your success.

Spark Growth connects the dots by bringing together multi-disciplinary teams of professionals with global experience across a variety of industries in the public and private sectors. We assess and identify organizational needs, review market feasibility for optimized change agendas, develop action plans and provide step-by-step guidance to help you move through implementation.

Sara Hand, Executive Director of Spark Growth, speaks to the importance of collaboration at the 2015 Strategic Innovation Summit on the campus of Harvard University. Photo: Griffin Greenberg

Services offered

Strategic Business Development

  • Strategic Action Plans
  • Economic Development Planning and Projects
  • Intellectual Property Assessment and Development
  • Branding and Identity

Market Expansion

  • Market Research
  • Market Representation
  • Soft Landing Services
  • Global Expansion and Access to Funding
  • Ecosystem Cultivation

 Leadership and Guidance

  • Corporate Innovation Process
  • Agile Strategy Development
  • Project Management and Implementation
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Facilitate Problem Solving and Change Management


  • Platform and Technology Scouting / Evaluation
  • Commercialization and Technology Transfer
  • Solutions Architecture – Analysis and Design
  • Cloud Migration – Evaluation and Strategy

With recognized business development, technology and organizational skills, we are certified Business Incubation Managers through the InBIA, and certified practitioners of Strategic Doing, an agile strategies development process supported by the Purdue University Agile Strategies Lab. We’re skilled strategic process facilitators with a wide variety of experience across our three primary areas of work.


Areas of Expertise

Spark Growth consults across three areas of expertise. Depending on your reference point, these may look very similar or completely unrelated.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Innovation Districts/Smart Cities – development of creative, collaborative places to live, work and play. Innovation Districts are about creating local, self-contained economic development centers. Smart Cities are about building integrated technical systems to monitor and manage the city-wide infrastructure, providing a more pleasant and efficient place for its citizens.
  • Thought Leadership – is expressed by insight gained through a body of work, connected to passion and purpose. We bring together thought leaders to share ideas and work together on innovative solutions to your particular needs.
  • Business/Economic Development – there are many ways to connect people, ideas and capital to create value in the marketplace. Powerful means include fostering entrepreneurial activity such as startups, business incubation, and facilitating international business expansions to the local area via soft landing services.