Scaale Group and Cross Border Angels (CBA)

Scaale Group

Scaale is a venture resource group dedicated to implementing global solutions for companies through sales, capital, talent, infrastructure and exit services. Global presence with local offices, the Scaale Group has a unique real-time knowledge of how to enter new markets, the cost of doing business everywhere in the world and new opportunities that emerge in different industries globally. With today’s global context, Scaale can connect the dots and apply the right strategy for every company to grow.

The rules of doing business, not just in the US but globally, have changed substantially. Doing business globally was a choice just a few years back, and it wasn’t even possible for small companies. Today it is not a choice – you have to deal with global competition in virtually any industry. The digital infrastructure available globally today allows anyone at any scale to do global business through an online presence, and even by acquiring companies around the world.

Cross Border Angels is a unique cross-border investment platform that is focused on facilitating smart investments in high-growth-potential companies globally. CBA helps investors co-invest in international companies, and helps companies raise funds with trusted investors across markets. Deals are exposed to a global investor pool, not simply syndicated. CBA is a part of the Scaale Group, and is the world’s first cross border investor network, comprised of traditional angel investors, CXO investors, family offices and micro funds, all located worldwide.

Cross Border Angels

Scaale Group provides thought leadership for City-State ecosystem and local economy development. We believe that all companies with high growth potential should apply global context and behave like micro-multinationals to succeed in this new global world.

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