Bradenton, FL

Sara Hand, CEO of Spark Growth, has joined Scaale Group and Cross Border Angels as a US-based regional development partner. Scaale Group is a venture resource organization dedicated to providing global expansion services for Stage 2 growth companies through sales, capital, talent, infrastructure and exit services.

Ms. Hand brings experience in venture funding, an extensive network of business, public sector and entrepreneur leaders, as well as a unique flair for determining unique value propositions and market fit to her role. It is anticipated already that by the end of Q1, 2017, Ms. Hand will have connected regional companies to over $4M in investment capital, and helped facilitate their global business growth.

As a Scaale partner, Ms. Hand will attend and participate in the finale of Startup India Rocks in Bengaluru November 18 – 19 where finalist companies from 20 cities will compete for a grand prize, funding, mentors and connection with corporate partners. Winners of each participating city’s Pitch2CBA will be evaluated by a global jury providing international exposure to 500+ delegates which includes Corporates, VCs, Investors and Media. http://startupindia.rocks/investors

Global presence with local offices, Scaale has a unique real-time knowledge of how to enter new markets, the cost and intricacies of doing business internationally, and in new opportunities that emerge in different industries across the world. Scaale Group provides thought leadership for development of City-State ecosystems and linkage to local economies. Scaale believes that all companies with high growth potential should apply global context and behave like micro-multinationals to succeed in this new worldwide marketplace. http://scaale.com

Cross Border Angels is a unique multi-national investment platform that is focused on facilitating smart investments in high-growth-potential companies globally. CBA has developed effective processes and has deep experience in international investments, from deal screening, due diligence, term sheets, closing deals, and special purpose financial vehicles to maintaining post-investment relationships. CBA helps investors co-invest in international companies, and helps companies raise funds with trusted investors across markets. http://crossborderangels.com

Sara Hand‘s accomplishments have presented opportunities with the State Department, the United Nations, the 2015 Harvard Future-Ready Economies Summit and 2016 Harvard Digital Life in Latin America symposium. Ms. Hand is the founder and creative force behind the 3.0 Leaders Investment & Innovation Convergence Conference (http://3-leaders.com), and she was formerly the Sarasota Chapter President of the Gulf Coast Venture Forum.

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