Innovation:: Life sciences face the challenges

Session One     We are challenged and pushed by technology to change, life expectancies are increasing and retirement as it was once known has disappeared by choice or from necessity. With a truly global economy and governments challenged by an expanding older population – what does this mean and how do we navigate these new needs?

Innovation:: Life sciences face the challenges of increased longevity and improved performance, and extending quality of life.  

Patrick Wright ~ President of The Payton Wright Foundation

Introducing  Life Sciences Panel

Patrick Wright is the President of The Payton Wright Foundation.  After losing their 5 year old daughter Payton to brain cancer he and his wife Holly founded The Payton Foundation.  The Foundation’s mission is to financially assists families caring for a child with brain cancer and to support pediatric brain cancer research.  Patrick is very active at raising awareness and championing Payton’s mission.  Patrick also has worked for Bouchard Insurance since 2011 as a Commercial Sales Consultant. Prior to joining Bouchard, Patrick was a Corporate Recruiter based out of Pittsburgh and Sarasota specializing in Executive Placement throughout the country.

Moderator: Michael VanButsel ~ Business Chair for Bio-Florida Manatee-Sarasota Chapter

For more than 15 years, BioFlorida has been supporting the advancement of life sciences. Together, with its membership, BioFlorida is shaping the future of Florida biosciences through networking, advocacy, promotion, workforce development and more. Michael Van Butsel, Project Executive of DPR Construction and Business Co-chair of the Tampa Bay Chapter said, “The Tampa Bay Chapter has grown to over 60 members and it includes many of the statewide leaders in the life sciences.”

BioFlorida is the voice of Florida’s bioscience industry representing more than 3,000 companies and research organizations in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device fields employing 61,000 Floridians. BioFlorida’s member-driven initiatives provide a strong business climate for production of quality, life-improving technologies and promote economic benefits to the state. Visit for more information.


Mike Magill ~  National Sales Director EksoBionics

Mike Magill is the National Sales Director for Ekso Bionics, a public company that has designed and commercialized a wearable robotic exoskeleton.  The Ekso Bionic Suit enables individuals with lower extremity paralysis or weakness to stand and walk as part of their therapy. 

Mr. Magill attended Wright State University, graduating with a degree in Nursing.  He spent several years as an RN at Ohio State University Hospitals Surgical Intensive Care Unit and Operating Room departments.  Over the last twenty years he has held marketing and sales  management roles with a variety of medical device and biotechnical companies.  His home is in Orlando, FL.



Dr. Fiona Crawford ~ President RosKamp Institute

The Roskamp Institute of Sarasota, Florida was established with the goal of becoming a primary international site for leading-edge research on neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Today, the Roskamp Institute is recognized as a leader in the global effort to better understand and ultimately cure debilitating diseases of the mind.                                                               

The groundwork for the Institute’s research programs took place more than two decades ago when Roskamp’s two lead researchers – Dr. Michael Mullan, the Institute’s director and Dr. Fiona Crawford, its associate director – were part of a pioneering team of British scientists at London University. This group discovered that the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease was directly related to the accumulation in the brain of a protein called        beta-amyloid. While this protein is produced by every human, the groundbreaking research work of this team discovered that excessive beta-amyloid in the brain will result in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease.                                                              

In the course of their research, the Institute’s scientists discovered that inflammation in the brain is directly associated with many other neurodegenerative disorders. The research team has also made progress in the development of medications and therapeutic treatments that will reduce or slow the toxic accumulation of beta-amyloid and the associated inflammation.                                                           

In June 2011 it was announced that an international research consortium led by Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and the Roskamp Institute has been selected for funding by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme for a large-scale European clinical trial on Nilvadipine, an Alzheimer’s Disease drug developed at the Roskamp Institute. This grant of $8.4 million will allow more than 500 Alzheimer’s patients across Europe to participate in the multicenter Phase III clinical trial designed to study the effectiveness of the drug on humans. This is but one aspect of the institute’s work that battles with the debilitating and deadly diseases that afflict so many Americans and others worldwide.

Tracy Ingram ~ CEO of Intention Technology

Tracy Ingram CEO of Intention Technology has over 10 years’ experience in Bioinformatics and has imported technology from all over the world, specializing in data acquisition and pattern recognition from microdata. As former Director of Research for a military contractor he has worked on developing adaptive technologies using sensor technologies. A TEDx speaker and cofounder of Healthcamp Florida an organization focused on identifying breakthrough medical technologies. 

Intention Technology builds technological solutions to make healthcare delivery a safer and faster industry. Our team is made up of experts in bioinformatics specializing in medical diagnostic devices, and we have experience working with diagnostic technology from all over the world. Intention Tech’s biggest project right now is our entry in the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition. This competition is an international humanitarian challenge to create a non-invasive medical device that can accurately diagnose 23 separate diseases.