At Spark Growth we always begin with an assessment.

Let’s figure out where you are now, where you want to go, and what your current assets

and liabilities are so we can develop a plan to help you get from here to there with the least friction.

What could you do? What should you do? What will you do?

We work with your team through the major phases of your Strategic Analysis:

  • Concept – assessment, guidance in understanding the possibilities, identifying metricsNiagara path
  • Planning – value definition, prioritization, identifying funding sources, risk reduction
  • Implementation – managing expectations, impact determination, project guidance

Ultimately, your success will be measured by maximizing results, optimizing cash flow, and by the sustainability of your efforts in terms of economic, environmental, and social impacts. 

At Spark Growth results matter. We look for simplicity in the midst of the complex and bring the capability for project execution. Can you afford to bring in another consulting group who leaves you a great to-do list, which like all the others never gets done? Your organization deserves more than just another great plan.

Making it happen and getting the right things done


Spark Growth is there to work alongside your team, utilizing your defined objectives to realize focused business results. We manage as little or as much of the project as necessary to help your business move forward.  Certified in Strategic Doing, a scaleable process that brings simple rules to effectively implement complex initiatives - we simply provide guidance, or jump in and work hands-on alongside your team for implementation, based on your specific needs.

At Spark Growth, we have the skills and resources to provide thought leadership as we help you navigate the complexity of your situation and focus on meeting your big goals with high impact without getting lost in the details.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

Ready to begin your journey? Contact us today!