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Friday March 20, 2015

BRADENTON, Fla. – If you are cooking an idea, “incubating” a new food product, or implementing a food production and/or processing concept in the business of food operations, supply, or management, – please accept an invitation from Spark Growth.

You’re invited to benefit from the wisdom and insights of Gail Gillian-Bain, President and COO at the Canadian Association of Business Incubation. At the Spark Growth 3.0 Leaders Conference, Gail will announce the US launch of the Food Business Incubators International (FBII) program, and will discuss a variety of food business incubation and innovation topics.

The FBII is designed for professionals in the business of incubating and accelerating new food processing operations and is designed to connect those professionals working within the industry. It provides a communication portal for food incubator managers, operators, suppliers and clients, allowing them to connect, share information, discuss issues and ideas, network, and advertise. The FBII is an international membership association acting on behalf of the needs and requirements of the industry globally.

Food business incubators and food business accelerators exist to nurture new and evolving food businesses in ways previously possible only to those with the best connections to food innovators and insiders. Now, food business incubator and accelerator professionals will have the FBII as a resource to educate and train, provide a sense of community, and share resources among food innovators and entrepreneurs.

Any food professional and business in our area, regardless of size, capability or location, benefits from this association.

Spark Growth hosts the 3.0 Leaders Conference 2015 this April 8-10, giving thought-leaders a platform to discuss new ideas, evaluate emerging trends, and to participate in solution discovery. Attendees will network with national 3.0 Leaders in the fields of innovation, education, business, technology, and funding – collaborating with other thought-leaders to help define and plan how our communities will meet the challenges of our ever-faster moving society and rapidly changing 3.0 World.

Each day will include keynote speakers, panel discussions, breakout sessions and networking opportunities that “makes a difference” with like-minded experts across multiple spheres of influence. Topics discussed will challenge attendee mindset, methods and perspectives, influence best practices, and enhance professional competencies. You won’t leave this conference the way you arrived!

Speakers and panelists from around North America have joined the 3.0 Leaders Conference 2015 because Florida and our region is developing a reputation as a “thought hub” for realizing change and getting things done.


WHAT: 3.0 Leaders Conference 2015 & Innovation in the Food Industry with Food Business Incubators International (FBII).

WHERE: Bradenton Area Convention Center – 1 Haben Boulevard, Palmetto, FL 34221 (Map)

WHEN: Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 8:00 AM – Friday, April 10, 2015 at 3:00 PM (EDT)

  • Wednesday, April 8 – Education ∙ Investment
  • Thursday, April 9 – Technology ∙ Change ∙ Leadership ∙ Food Business Incubation
  • Friday, April 10 – Innovative Districts ∙ New Cultures of Work


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For other details, information, and interview opportunities, please contact Stan Schultes. Tel# 941-228-2006

Click here for the Press Release in Word format.

Event PDF Flyer: 3.0 Leaders Conference 2015 Flyer

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About the Food Business Incubators International (FBII):

The FBII operates as a subsidiary of The Canadian Acceleration and Business Incubation Association (CABI). FBII is for professionals in the business of incubating new food processing operations and is designed to connect professionals within the industry. The FBII site, as part of the service, provides a communication portal for food incubator managers, operators, suppliers and clients. It allows them to connect, share information, discuss issues and ideas, find others, and advertise their successful graduates. The Association is open to all food business incubators regardless of their size, capabilities or location. Any organization engaged in food business incubation and economic development is welcome. The Canadian Association of Business Incubation (CABI) is a national association dedicated to supporting the growth of new and early-stage businesses. CABI is Canada’s “Voice of Business Incubation/Acceleration its mission is to advance the success of business incubators and accelerators across Canada while enhancing the knowledge and skills of incubator and accelerator professionals and promoting a better understanding of business incubation/ acceleration’s role in economic development. Website:

 About The 3.0 Leaders Conference:

The 3.0 Leaders Conference is an annual event giving thought-leaders and lifelong learners in Tampa Bay and Southwest Florida an opportunity to connect with 3.0 Leaders from across North America in the fields of education, business, innovation, technology, and funding. Website:

More About 3.0: What is the World of 3.0?  and Old Rules Still Running a New World

 About Sarasota-Bradenton’s Spark Growth:

Spark Growth connects the dots in collaboration for multi-organizational initiatives. Bringing simple rules to solve complex problems and get things done quickly and effectively with a focus on community-authentic solutions and sustaining results. Their origins are in the community and business development work of Stan Schultes and Sara Hand – social and civic entrepreneurs who are long-time community builders throughout Florida and co-founders of BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton, DaVinci’s Faire, and The Station 2 Innovation Center. Website:

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