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How do we prepare students today for the kind of work, thinking, and problem solving that they will need in 2020? How do we prepare a workforce that will see more workers remote than at a specific location? How do we help our people, who will work more in teams than as individuals, who will work on more projects at a single time than ever before, and who will interface with technology which is changing at an increasing rate? How do we encourage learning for these skills when our schools are still focused on what was required in industrial-aged work vs. the multi-tasking required today?

Dr. Jeff Borden~ VP of Instruction & Academic Strategy at Pearson eCollege

VP of Instruction & Academic Strategy at Pearson eCollege, Dr. Jeff Borden VP of Instruction & Academic Strategy at Pearson eCollege, Dr. Jeff Borden s in Rhetoric/Human Communication and his Doctorate in Education Leadership. Recently named the Lead of the Center for Online Learning (an academic think tank), Jeff has created, taught, and administered several upper and lower division Communication and Computer courses for several Universities and Community Colleges around the country since 1998, including high school preparatory courses and bridge programs. Additionally, he has assisted faculty, administrators, and trainers from diverse fields in conceptualizing and designing both on-ground and online courses as well as given direction to schools for total program success.

Jeff Borden Keynote RLC 2014 from Jim Aardema on Vimeo.

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