Thursday Agenda

April 10

8:00 AM               Doors open for Registration and Networking

Early Morning refreshments provided

Session One

Setting the Stage:: “What are we doing here, what do our communities need for their future?”

The Kaleidoscope Effect: Imagine looking into a kaleidoscope filled with thousands of tiny mirrors... Ever evolving... Ever changing... Creating one spectacularly beautiful image that transforms itself again and again. Alone, each of those mirrors creates a fraction of the impact, but together, the impression that they leave behind is lasting.


Session Two     

Collaboration:: Advocacy and Place-making “One Voice”

Moderator Anand Pallegar ~ atLarge, Inc.

Throughout this year’s leadership conference runs a threaded message emphasizing the value that collaboration brings through leveraged resources for increased results in BIG picture items and places that side by side with the importance of maintaining the unique and individual community/county/city identity. In this discussion, experienced “Big Picture” advocates discuss the value of place-making.

Session Three 

Innovation:: Design / Research / Production – “A Marriage of the Minds”

Moderator: Jim Stikeleather ~ Chief Innovation Officer Dell

There is significant dialogue about the importance of STEM education and then there are the advocates for the arts. Sometimes it even feels like these are two very different and almost adversarial camps. In this panel discussion join us as our leaders from both camps, practical applications experts, innovation leaders and investors make sense of this contrast between left brain/right brain thinking. How do we bring the best of technology, research and design together to innovate and capture market share?


Lunch and networking in Main Lobby

Session Four      

Collaboration:: Leadership through Strategic Doing

Keynote Speaker: Ed Morrison, Purdue Center for Regional Development

So you are a “getting it done” person. In working with multiple organizations, sometimes projects go well and sometimes they get bogged down…really bogged down. In today’s world collaboration is more crucial than ever, especially across regions. Welcome to Strategic Doing….a playbook tested by fire. 

Afternoon Refreshments 

Session Five

Collaboration:: Transformative Change ~ Creating Innovative Districts

Moderator: Moderator ~ Stuart L. Rogel, President and CEO of the Tampa Bay Partnership

Across the nation there are brilliant examples of cities whose efforts in redevelopment have rewarded them with vibrant downtown areas that bring together the best of live, work and play. There are also horror stories of greed, neglect and simply failure to make any change at all that have left downtown cores an empty shell and shadow of a previous glory.

Evening Dinner Reception at

DaVinci Machines Exhibition

Its third and most popular US stop on a world tour, the DaVinci Machines Exhibition provides great perspective on the impact one person can make. 500 years later, DaVinci's creative work affects our lives each day through modern use of more than 2500 of his individual inventions

Curator Mark Rodgers will guide us through his life and unique mindset. As we look at "The World of 3.0" what can we learn from "The Master?"

Enjoy great conversations with conference attendees as you digest the day's content, dinner and cocktails, in the light of one of the world's most enduring contributors to innovation. 

Enjoy a beautiful Sunset

Just in time, saunter across the street to Pier 22 for a water front view of our beautiful sunset

Pier 22