Regional Leadership Conference 2014

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RLC newYear two of this groundbreaking conference and destination event promised significant impacts to attendees as keynotes and panels introduced innovative ideas, inspired change, and set in motion a group committed  moving forward three initiatives identified by attendees .

Occasions for networking and discussion provided ample opportunities for interaction with other attendees. For a second year in a row, exceptional speakers, panelists and participants as well as a terrific location with multiple events for the family to enjoy made this a destination event not to miss.

“The World of 3.0:  What our communities need for their future”

Technology Connect Leaders

In a world that has become more connected than ever before, where regular transformational change is the norm and not the exception, and as individuals and organizations are bombarded with information, how do we navigate these new realities? How do we successfully integrate and utilize the value propositions of the incredibly diverse workforce of boomers through digital natives?

How do we prepare today’s students to move into this rapidly changing future and to manage to traverse this course ourselves? How do we bring the best of research and design together to innovate and capture market share? How do we evolve culturally from the “old rules” that worked in yesterday’s world to discovering and implementing the new rules for today?

Thursday, April 10 & Friday April 11

Manatee Performing Arts Center, Bradenton FL
Engaged activity

What does 3.0 mean to you, your organization, your business, your life? How do you process the mass quantities of information being pushed in your direction? What changes do you need to make to be more effective? What are the driving factors in the marketplace and how do we stay relevant as organizations and business owners? What changes need to happen in your organization to continue to be effective?

Looking for insight and potential solutions to these questions and more? Looking for ways to make an impact in your company and community? The 2014 Regional Leadership Conference met these challenges head on.

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Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Jeff Borden : VP of Instruction & Academic Strategy at Pearson

Jeff Borden is a professional speaker, educator, consultant, and comedian who has presented to audiences around the globe. An expert on learning, eLearning, and communication, his informative presentations are always filled with humor, illustrations, and practical strategies! See Dr. Borden’s Keynote here.

Ed Morrison : Purdue Center for Regional Development – Economic Policy Advisor : developing network-based strategy models

Ed Morrison has been developing new, network-based models for economic and workforce development displaying significant ROI. These approaches called “Strategic Doing” emphasize the strategic value of focused collaboration and open innovation in today’s global economy. See Ed Morrison’s Keynote here.

Jim Stikeleather : Executive Strategist / Chief Innovation Officer at Dell; Reader; Thinker; Author; Doer; pusher of envelopes.

Jim Stikeleather is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur – growing a startup to $48M in revenues in 4 years (#36 in Inc 500), as well as starting, managing, growing then integrating or selling subsidiaries of a Fortune 300 company’s venture group. Holds two patents for distributed content and delivery, authored 2 business books and contributor to 4 more. A regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review and Management Innovation eXchange blogs.

davinci flying machine

 Thursday Evening Reception with DaVinci Machines Exhibition

The World of 3.0 is one of extreme change. After a day of being stretched, our attendees had the opportunity to enjoy some of the contributions of Leonardo DaVinci and to see how they still impact us another 500 years later. How fitting to see more of a man who stood at one of mankind’s great thresholds of thought.

if you knew


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