DaVincis FaireIn February 2009, Sara Hand made a few phone calls for a friend in Tampa inviting several people to an informal lunch to discuss what they saw as needs in the tech business community. Eight people met that third Friday in February. By April, Sara with 2 cofounders on board took ownership of a nebulous conversation that within months would include an after-hours conversation as well as the lunchtime one. With no firm agenda the conversation took on its own life and became what we initially known as BarCamp Sarasota.

Now called DaVinci’s Faire & BarCamp, since the first 2 day unconference in 2010, the community organized and run initiative has help 18 days of unconference events, and well more than a hundred lunch & learns, after-hours and special education events. Original cofounders Sara Hand and Stan Schultes with their company Spark Growth (the former tagline for BarCamp Sarasota) still spearhead this effort.

Currently DaVinci’s Faire is held one day a year at the beautiful Manatee Technical College. With the current tagline: Share. Learn.2016-DaVincis-Faire-and-BarCamp-BCSRQ-edit2 Grow. DaVinci’s Faire & BarCamp brings in hundreds of people each year with attendees representing all ages and many different interests. What unites them all, though, is the desire to learn.

See DaVinci’s Faire & BarCamp 2016 Highlights here.

Learn more at BCSRQ.com. Do note the sponsors, who yearly help to keep this event FREE to attendees.