Community Engagement

Spark Growth Defines:

Community Engagement as empowering citizens to move from “feedback givers” to “solution generators” which takes a community from Good to Great!

Although Wikipedia defines community engagement as “a dynamic relational process that facilitates communication, interaction, involvement, and exchange between an organization and a community for a range of social and organizational outcomes,” very often it is perceived as an unnecessary barrier and waste of resources and ends up as simply a box to be checked off on a task list.


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However, when neither government nor the private sector have the financial resources alone to solve the problems that we are facing as communities and solutions developed and deployed often face highly polarized and political landscapes, harnessing the power of a community’s citizens can produce significant benefits far exceeding the time and money necessary for actual engagement.

Collaborations are advantageous in breaking down silos between organizations. Those connections create resiliency and benefits that can include new insights, leveraged assets and resources, an organized and consistent public voice in government decision making, and cost savings via cooperative attitudes facilitating deployments and economies of scale.

Citizen-driven generative networks have never more important than today where things change very quickly, and communication happens instantaneously.