Objective, Agile, Collaborative and Proven

As Sara Hand and Stan Schultes were observing organizational silos hinder collaboration and meaningful action in many project scenarios, they also were discovering what they refer to as the “fabric of life”. These key insights would become the backbone of Spark Growth, a company designed to bridge gaps and connect resources to leverage returns on time, effort and monetary resources for greater impacts across for-profit, public and non-profit endeavors.


While in today’s world everything is highly connected, so many things are still so disconnected as silos of authority and power, discontinuous services, and incongruent standards to name only a few that challenge information from flowing freely, action from occurring and overall are a monkey wrench in the process of change for good.

Sara Hand,  CEO and Executive Director of Spark Growth, speaks to the importance of collaboration at the 2015 Strategic Innovation Summit on the campus of Harvard University. Photo: Griffin Greenberg

 In 2013 in response to our observations and experience across a wide range of sectors which helps us see things differently: community, government, technology, education, business and economic development, investment, not-for-profit, and entrepreneurs and startups we chose to be a part of the solution. At Spark Growth we bring a unique set of experiences, vantage points and perspectives to help you see things you cannot see and teach you how to think differently to solve your big problems.

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The Fabric of Life. First shared with Meredith Hector at the Knight Foundation 2013. Some opportunities draw your answers out of you.

Now after years in this space, leveraging the power of communities and traditional organizations through collaborations, bridging the gaps across industry clusters, public and private sector silos and convening leaders from around the world…We have a proven ability to inspire change whether at an individual, organizational or community level, bridging the gaps across multi-organizational initiatives.

We change the way people think. This is what we are good at. This is what we are known for.  

Today’s Decisions Create Tomorrow’s Future