Business development is the creation of long term value for an organization – with the proper mix of customers, markets and relationships. Spark Growth is highly experienced at identifying value propositions and isolating problems, and in designing customized solutions to help you grow. As growth consultants – our connections, resources and experience provide a unique vantage point for innovation and creative problem-solving service offerings.

Results matter. We look for simplicity in the midst of the complex, and we will guide you through your change process. We have the resources and capabilities to help you develop not just your plan, but we will also assist you with project execution. Check out our Project Portfolio to see examples of the work we’re currently doing.

As growth consultants, the bottom line is that we’re not limited by the silos that constrain many organizations and that many people live and work in. We identify assets, we build collaborations, and we take advantage of the new resources and ideas that our broad community of thought leaders share from their global context. Our guiding philosophy is to: Think Big. Keep it Simple. Make it Happen.

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Spark Growth delivers leadership & strategic collaborative development across organizational boundaries through thought leadership, by experience design, for future readiness.

Sara Hand

Spark Growth Founders

Stan Schultes

Sara Hand

Chief Executive Officer, Visionary Leader, Spark Growth

Sara Hand, CEO of Spark Growth, has a diverse business development background across public and private sector enterprises. She is the US-based partner in global investment, international market expansion and exits with Cross Border Angels and As a team member, Sara has participated in the national finals of Startup India Rocks in Bangalore and is engaged in ongoing development in India. She is past President of the Sarasota Chapter of the Gulf Coast Venture Forum.

Sara, as founder of Spark Growth, uses her strengths to find and leverage unique value propositions and create synergistic partnerships and collaborations between organizations in the business, organizational and community development consulting practice. She is founder of the 3.0 Thought Leader’s Initiative, which has provided a worldwide platform for thought leaders to convene and develop calls-to-action for transformative change. Sara’s recognized accomplishments have presented opportunities with the State Department, the United Nations, the 2015 Harvard Future-Ready Economies Summit, Harvard’s Digital Life in Latin America Symposium and Dell’s Women Entrepreneur Network (DWEN). She was also the emcee at the Recent TiECon Tampa Bay annual conference event.

Utilizing agile strategies, Sara drives action-focused agendas in solving complex problems and is widely recognized for consistently achieving her goals with grace and confident skill.  She believes that insight is invaluable and context is critical. Her motto is “Think Big. Keep it Simple. Make it Happen.”

Stan Schultes

Chief Innovation Architect, Spark Growth

Stan Schultes is an Engineer and Innovation Architect, bringing an enterprise application development & tech evaluation, advanced manufacturing with commercialization and global technology transfer background to his Spark Growth venture. He is a growth consultant specializing in leading organizations through scale up and globalization using agile strategies. Stan is an expert in Strategic Doing and certified by the Purdue University Agile Strategies Lab, and he guides Smart Cities projects and developing Innovation Districts around economic clusters. He is currently working on initiatives in Florida, regions of Africa and with the Pacific Alliance countries in Latin America.

Stan recently participated in the Smart Cities Innovation Accelerator at Harvard University, and in Harvard’s Digital Life in Latin America symposium with global partner Telefonica in Miami, and is writing a book for Smart Cities practitioners. Stan is certified by InBIA in Business Incubator Management, internationally recognized as a technology expert, and has earned the coveted Microsoft MVP award 14 years, part of a highly selective international cadre of technical experts. As an entrepreneur and professional technologist, he has led engineering and development teams from the Fortune 200 to stewardship of several startups. He works actively with his local Manatee Chamber’s Downtown Redevelopment Committee and has served on the Suncoast Technology Forum Board of Directors and Florida High Tech Corridor Core Council.