Station 2
BRADENTON, Fla. — Once there was a town called the Village of Manatee. It was a rip-roaring place when the cowboys arrived on the cracker trail. The years have erased much of those days, but a few buildings remain that can tell the tale.

One is located on 7th Avenue East in Bradenton. Stan Schultes, the Director of Operation at Station 2 which currently occupies the building, takes us on a tour through history in this remarkable structure that keeps finding new purpose as the years go by. Once upon a time, it functioned as a police precinct and a fire station. In fact, the jail cell is still there and it never fails to pique the interest of visitors and the current name of “Station 2” is a reference to its history as the original location of the local fire department’s historic station #2.

It remains a historic location full of exciting stories, some still unwritten. Today, it hosts Spark Growth, a business consultancy, and Station 2, a Suncoast business incubator and coworking space that could be the startup location of the next successful product or service that we all crave and can’t live without. Won’t that be an exciting story!

For this building, it’s another chapter in a long history.

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