2014 Regional Leadership Event Updates

Video and Media Content from Conference available

SG word cloudAs an outgrowth of our second annual Leadership Conference, we are planning three follow-up Strategic Doing workshops over 3 days in June.  We are collaborating with the Purdue Center for Regional Development to provide these workshops to civic and community leaders in the High Tech Corridor (the HTC, i.e. the Tampa Bay and Central Florida super-region).

Save the Dates: June 25-27. 

Workshop 1: Strategic Doing: The Game 

Workshop 2:  Learning Innovation

Workshop 3:  Angel Investor Acceleration

Peter Drucker famously stated that "management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things." Great leaders possess dazzling social intelligence, a zest for change, and above all, vision that allows them to set their sights on the "things" that truly merit attention.

At Spark Growth success is measured by engagement with a focus on social capital and economic rewards. What happens after an event, after an engagement is where we believe the rubber hits the road and true success can be identified. By these standards, our recent 2014 Regional Leadership Conference shows great promise.

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“The World of 3.0: What our communities need for their future” Brought together leaders from across counties and across public and private sectors in business, technology, funding and centered on education. What is the world of 3.0? The world of 3.0 draws from the parallel of what has been happening in technology. Now whether technology has driven change or our needs have driven technology is another discussion. That aside, web 1.0 was a static world, a read only world. We were able to view content, however the average non developer person was unable to interact directly with that content. As we moved into a world of 2.0, content became dynamic. We could view, comment and even contribute to online content. The advent of Wikipedia, WordPress and social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter transformed forever our static view and experience of online technology. Web 3.0 is a world where information is gathered from us without any action necessary on our part.

Across the board this changes everything… As each panel faced a variety of topics crucial to our development in a rapidly changing world, they fearlessly tackled the not always comfortable or popular aspects of each discussion.

We have gathered here for you video footage  and media including a brief montage of the whole event; testimonials from several sponsors, speakers and attendees; both keynote sessions and the introduction from Jim Stikeleather, Chief Innovation Officer for Dell on leadership and the final session with Hillsborough County Commissioner Mark Sharpe as leaders across counties and sectors commit to move forward on 3 key initiatives.

Save the Dates: 2015 Leadership Conference

Starts Wednesday, April 8

Education and Investment

Thursday, April 9

Technology ~ Change ~ Leadership

Friday, April 10

Innovative Districts ~ Transportation ~ New Cultures of Work


Randy Berridge: ‎President at FL High Tech Corridor Council

 Sponsor: GrowFL, FLVEC, USF Tech Connect

Strategic Doing Presentation ~ Ed Morrison: Purdue Center for Regional Development